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Announcements: Would you like to work in our lab this summer?


Would you like to work in our lab this summer? 


If you have good academic records, have completed between 35-75% of your undergraduate credits, and you have strong motivation to do research on visual optics and biophotonics, you may be elligible to a CSIC JAE-INTRO Scholarship at the Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab at the Institute of Optics.
1.- You must be a full-time student (50 credits/year) in a university (certified by your university)
2.- High percentile academic record (certified by your university)
3.- If you are non-UE citizen, you will need an UE resident permit or student visa
4.- High level of English and/or Spanish
1.- 1000 euros/month
2.- Travel support
3.- Join a highly dynamic and internationally recognized team, and explore possibilities of a future PhD thesis in our lab
1.- CV
2.- Letter of motivation (200 words)
3.- Deadline: December 17, 2008
Information and online application form (in Spanish) at:


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