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Dr Carlos Dorronsoro



Dr. Carlos Dorronsoro

VioBio Lab
Instituto de Optica
Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Calle Serrano 121
28006 Madrid





PhD Visual Optics   12/2009
Universidad de Valladolid

MSc Vision Science  06/2003
Universidad de Valladolid

BSc Physical Optics 06/1997
Universidad de Zaragoza

ASc Physics             06/1994
Universidad de Salamanca 


 Research Positions


2Eyes Vision SL     Spin-off company of CSIC
              Promoter, founder, scientific coordinator
              Clinical devices for optometry and ophthalmology
              06/2015 to Present Day (Part-time position)

Institute of Optics     Spanish National Research Council (IO-CSIC)
              Staff Scientist, Group leader, Vice-director of the Institute
              Visual optics, perceptual optics, neural adaptation
              12/2014 to Present Day

University of Texas at Austin     Center for Perceptual Systems
              Visiting Researcher and Fulbright scholar  
              Periodic research stays and permanent collaboration
              Perception, the limits of vision, psychophysics
              06/2014 to Present Day (Intermittent)

Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab     Spanish National Research Council (IO-CSIC)
              Post-doctoral Researcher and Technology Transfer Coordinator
              Visual optics, optics and perception, visual performance
              12/2009 to 12/2014

Imatrics Image Technology     Spin-off company of CSIC and University of Granada
              Promoter, Founder, Scientific Director, Managing director
              Image processing, infrared cameras
              06/2006 to 06/2013 (Part-time position)

Alfa Imaging SA     Spin-off company of the University of Reading (UK)
              Promoter and Researcher
              Millimeter-wave optics and detectors, remote thread detection
              04/2006 to 03/2013 (Part-time position)

Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab     Spanish National Research Council (IO-CSIC)
              Pre-doctoral Researcher and Technology Transfer coordinator
              Optics and perception, aberrometry, refractive surgery, contact lenses
              04/2006 to 12/2009

 Brief Bio


Carlos Dorronsoro (M.S. Optical Physics '96 from the University of Zaragoza, M.S. Vision Science '03 and PhD Vision Science '09 from the University of Valladolid) is Staff Scientist at the Institute of Optics, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC, Madrid). He started to collaborate with the Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab in 2001, where he performed his PhD research in the field of physical and optical implications of refractive surgery and contact lenses.

He has published 50 research papers in the most important journals in the field of Optics and Vision Science, as well as 5 in the field of Multidisciplinary Sciences (as Plos ONE), 9 Proceedings and 5 book chapters (h=17, 800 citations, more than 100 citations per year according to Web of Science). Carlos Dorronsoro holds 19 families of patents, 13 of them licensed to different industries. He has been principal investigator in 21 research projects.

Besides ophthalmic and visual optics, Dorronsoro also has a broad industrial experience in precision optics, optical design, optical manufacturing, optical metrology & testing and camera calibration. Prior to his work for CSIC, Dorronsoro has worked for the Low-light vision laboratory of the Spanish Navy Research and Development Center (CIDA) and with various optics companies such as Leica (Switzerland), Lep (Spain) or Lenticon Laboratories (Spain). He has also been involved in management and control of international research projects and industrial collaborations, as well as in establishing research strategies in optics and photonics at a European level (WEU, now EDA).

He has been Vice-President of the Visual Sciences Committee (2008-2012) of the Spanish Optical Society (Sedoptica), and promoter/co-founder of four spin-off companies (Imatrics Image Technologies SLNE, Alfa Imaging SA, Plenoptika Inc, 2Eyes Vision SL). He was regional winner of the 1st Spanish Physics Olympiad (1990), obtained a University Fellowship (1990-1996) from the Spanish Physics Society, was awarded with a Young Investigators in Optics Award (2003, Spanish Optical Society) and Best Patent of the Year (twice, in 2010 and 2017, Madrid Regional Government, Madri+d Foundation), Best business plan based on a doctoral Thesis (2011 University of Valladolid) and Best Thesis in Optical Imaging in Spain (years 2008 to 2010 Spanish Optical Society). Currently, he is Vice-Director of the Institute of Optics, CSIC.



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        also selected for publication in the Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research

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