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Enrique Gambra


What am I doing here?

    I joined the lab in January 2007. My major aim is to better understand the dynamics of the optical system of the eye. I am working on dynamic measurements of aberrations, crystalline lens and pupil using Adaptive Optics (that Lucie and I have developped) and spectral Optical Coherence Tomography (in a collaboration between our group and Copernicus University in Torun, Poland). My work is funded by an I3P-CSIC predoctoral fellowship.

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Brief Bio

    I was born in 1983 in Pamplona, a small city in the north of Spain very well-known all over the world due to its great festival: the "Sanfermines". I moved to Zaragoza in order to study Physics, obtaining the degree in 2006.  Some months before I had met Susana Marcos during an introductory course of research in the "Instituto de Óptica". I got very interested in working on Visual Optics, so I moved to Madrid after achieving a predoctoral fellowship.



     Alberto de Castro, Sergio Ortiz, Enrique Gambra, Damian Siedlecki & Susana Marcos (2010). Three-dimensional reconstruction of the crystalline lens gradient index distribution from OCT imaging. Optics Express, 18(21), 21905-21917. [link]

     Gambra, E., Wang, Y., Yuan, J., Kruger, P.B., & Marcos, S. (2010). Dynamic accommodation with simulated targets blurred with high order aberrations. Vision Research 50(19), 1922-1927. [link]

   De Gracia, P., Dorronsoro, C., Gambra, E., Marin, G., Hernández, M., & Marcos, S. (2010). Combining coma with astigmatism can improve retinal image over astigmatism alone. Vision Research 50(19), 2008-2014. [link]

     Sawides, L., Gambra, E., Pascual, D., Dorronsoro, C.,  & Marcos, S. (2010). Visual performance with real-life tasks under Adaptive-Optics ocular aberration correction. Journal of Vision 10 (5):19, 1-12. [link]

    Gambra, E., Sawides, L., Dorronsoro, C. & Marcos, S. (2009). Accommodative lag and fluctuations when optical aberrations are manipulated. Journal of Vision, 9(6), 1-15. [link]

     Marcos, S., Sawides, L., Gambra, E., & Dorronsoro, C. (2008). Influence of adaptive optics ocular aberration correction on visual acuity at different luminances and contrast polarities. Journal of Vision, 8(13), 1-12. [link]


Congress attendances

  •     6th International Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine (Galway, Ireland) in June 2007: "Development, calibration and performance of an electromagnetic mirror based adaptive optics system for visual optics", oral communication.

Here you can see the presentation I did of our AO-system in the first congress that I attended ever!

  •     ARVO (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) in April-May 2008: "Accommodation Dynamics with Adaptive-Optics-Corrected Ocular Aberrations", poster.

My first time in Miami, a classical meeting in our group: we could spend a couple of extra days driving around Florida and sleeping in frightening motels!

  •     ARVO (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) in May 2009: "Dynamic accommodation with high order aberrations blurred simulated targets", oral communication.

During my second trip to Miami, we could enjoy the sun and bath in the nice beaches of Florida. And I had also the great opportunity of moderating a session with Melanie Campbell, "Central and peripheral aberrations"!!!

  •     Reunión Nacional de Óptica (Orense, Spain) in September 2009: "Influence of high order aberrations on accommodation", oral communication.

We spent a great time in Orense with all the Spanish researchers involved in Optics.

  •     ARVO (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) in May 2010: "Quantitative 3d-imaging Of The In Vivo Crystalline Lens During Accommodation", oral communication

Once again in ARVO, although this year I could not enjoy the beach, as I have to work hard :(


Short stays in other labs

    From the 22nd of October to the 22nd of December of 2008 I visited professor Phil Kruger at the State Optometry College of New York, just in the heart of the Big Apple. It was a fantastic collaboration, in which we work hard to obtain fruitful results. And of course, living in Manhattan for two months was an extraordinary experience.

NY colleaguesSeaport and skyscrapersStatue of liberty

    From the 7th of May to the 7th of July in 2010, I visited Cliff Schor's lab at Berkeley University.



    Young researchers of Institute of Optics in Madrid have created an OSA Student Chapter to promote knowledge of optical science and technology and to contribute to students training. You can find more about us and our activities in this site.