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PhD Thesis

 Sergio Barbero

 Patricia Rosales

 Elena García de la Cera


"Optical quality and role of the ocular aberrations in animal models of myopia"

Universidad de Valladolid,         October 10, 2008

 Lourdes Llorente


"Optical aberrations in ametropic eyes and their change with corneal refractive surgery"

City University London,         June 19, 2009

 Carlos Dorronsoro


"Corneal Ablation and Contact Lens Fitting: Physical, Optical and Visual Implications" 

Universidad de Valladolid,      December 21 2009

 Alberto de Castro

 Sergio Ortiz


“Quantitative Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography”

Universidad de Valladolid,      December 14, 2012


 Lucie Sawides

 Pablo de Gracia


“Vision under manipulated aberrations towards improved multifocal corrections”

Universidad Complutense de Madrid,      October 11, 2013


 Sabine kling

Universidad de Valladolid,      January 30, 2014

 Judith Birkenfeld


"Optical and Structural Properties of the Crystalline Lens: Accommodation and Aging" 

Universidad Complutense de Madrid,      January 12, 2015


 Enrique Gambra Urralburu


"Accommodation: Optical function and crystalline lens imaging" 

Universidad de Valladolid,      September 30, 2015


 María Viñas


"Polychromatic Adaptive Optics to evaluate the impact of manipulated optics on vision" 

Universidad Complutense de Madrid,      December 15, 2015


 Pablo Pérez


"Anterior segment topography and aberrations for clinical applications" 

Universidad de Valladolid,      December, 18, 2015


 Aiswaryah Radhakrishnan


"Presbyopia Corrections: Optical, Perceptual and adaptational implications " 

Universidad Complutense de Madrid,      May, 18, 2016


 Mengchan Sun


"Biometric Measurements in the cristalline lens: applications in cataract surgery" 

Universidad de Valladolid,      September 12, 2017