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Collaboration Opportunities

 Collaboration types


We are allways open to collaborate with other scientits, engineers or practitioners interested in achieving scientific results, new technologies, developments or prototipes, or even to solve a specific optical problem found in a group of patients or even in an individual eye.

We have not only momentary collaborations but also long term agreements with other research institutions or industries. 

Bellow, you will find a list of clear collaboration opportunities with our lab.


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 Technical Studies in patients


We often collaborate with ophthalmologists to apply our new instruments and the scientific knowledge gathered in previous research to the study of specific groups of patients, in order to measure their optical quality, visual performance, biometric parameters such as lens geometry, tilt and decentration, etc. We can then assess the optical outcomes of different optical corrections, clinical procedures or eye surgeries, to better understand the optical processes involved. Often, we end up suggesting better procedures or even developing innovative solutions.


 Adaptive Optics in the Human Eye

 Structured Illumination Corneal Microscopy