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We have built an adaptive optics (AO) system enables the measurement and subsequent compensation of ocular aberrations in real time.  The system constis of  an illumination channel from a IR Superluminescent diode, a Hartmann-Shack (HS) wavefront sensor a 52-actuators electromagnetic deformable Mirror  (MIRAO, Imagine Eyes), an eye tracking channel and a channel for presentation of visual stimuli. The system operates in close loop by measuring the wave aberrations in real time (13 Hz), and  controlling the shape of the deformable mirror to continously achive the desired wavefront (i.e. corrected from aberrations or with a particular induced aberration pattern). The system is used to assess the effect of optical aberrations on visual performance, and on the dynamic accommodative system, among others.
Details of the system can be found in Gambra et al. 2007 and Marcos et al. 2008

 New instruments

  Laser Ray Tracing
  Adaptive Optics
  Simultaneous Vision
  Lens Stretcher
  Ocular microscopy
  Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography
  Ocular aberrations
  Corneal biomechanics

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