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 Selected references

  de Castro et al ARVO 2007

 New Instruments

  Laser Ray Tracing
  Hartmann Shack
  Adaptive Optics
  Gradient index-LRT
  Purkinje Imaging System
  Scheimpflug Imaging
  Anterior Segment OCT
  Structured Illumination Corneal Microscopy


This system allows to recover the gradient index of refraction of lenses. Our
aim is to estimate the gradient index of the crystalline lens in in-vivo

A bundle of parallel rays (from a He-Ne laser) is scanned on thelens.
and data of the ray-trace through the system are collected. We have two cameras,
one that takes images of the lateral ray trace (available in in-vitro
lenses) and another one after the lens to capture "retinal" spots (available in
in-vitro and in-vivo lenses). The system is controlled with a program written in Visual Basic.

We have calibrated the method using a homogeneous lens (Newport) and a
gradient index lens (Light Path). The comparison between the results and the
nominal values are within the margin of error of the manufacturer with both
methods (lateral view and retinal spots) and with homogeneous and gradient
index commercial lenses.